Summary of the will of Henry Saffrey PROB 11/583

In the name of God , Amen. I Henry Saffery of Downham Market , gent , being indisposed in body but of sound and disposing mind memory and understanding praise be God for the same . Item I give and devise to my very loving brother Richard Saffery , gent and my dear friend Roger Pratt of Riston , esq, all my dwelling houses , malthouses , stables, outhouses , yards , gardens, orchards, and appurtenances and also all my other freehold and copyhold messuages lands and tenements and hereditaments whatsoever situate lying and being in Downham Market or in any other town or towns which were my father in law`s Thomas Crick , gent , deceased, so long and until my son Thomas shall attain his full age of 24 years , to receive and take all the rents issues and profits toward payment of my debts and legacies . Item I give to my son Thomas Saffrey , when he attains the age of 24 all that dwelling house malthouses etc herein before given and devised to my brother Richard and Roger Pratt , to his heirs for ever failing such heirs then the said messuages etc to my son Henry Saffrey and the heirs of his body and failing such heirs to my dau Frances Saffrey . I give and bequeath to my brother Richard and Roger Pratt , all my messuages freehold copyhold etc in Downham Market , Wimbotsham , Stow , Bexwell , Upwell, Welney , Maney , Hilgay , Southery , not before given and devised In trust that 3 months after my decease , bargain sell and dispose of the same and all my household stuff goods linen plate bills bonds ready money chattels , cattle , and to pay and discharge all of the mortgage or mortgages etc and to put out to interest £1,000 and to apply the interest for the education maintenance and putting out apprentice my said son Henry Saffrey and to pay the capital sum of £1,000 to my said son Henry when he attain 24 years .and any overplus to the education and maintenance of my daughter Frances when she attain 21 years and pay £600 to her . Item I give to my said son Thomas £30 and forty shillings to be distributed to the poor of Downham Market by the churchwardens and overseers at their discretion . I appoint my brother Richard Saffrey and Roger Pratt , my executors of this my last will and testament and give to each of them 20 guineas for their trouble . Dated 27th Dec 1721 . In the presence of John Butler , Margaret Tiffin, Bartholomew Johnson . Proved at London 19th Feb 1721/2 by the oaths of Richard Saffrey and Roger Pratt .

Summary of the Will of Edmund Saffery. NA Prob/11/1602.

This is the last will and testament of me Edmund Saffery of Downham Market, gentleman made 13th Dec 1813 . First I appoint my son Henry Saffery sole executor. I give and bequeath unto my daughter Susanna wife of John Johnson , the sum of £3,000 to be paid within two years of my decease . I give and bequeath to my dau Elizabeth wife of John Barton, the sum of £2,000 to be paid within eighteen months after my decease. I give and bequeath unto my dau Ann wife of Woodward Mudd £1,000 to be paid within eighteen months of my decease . I give and bequeath to my son Edmund Saffery £2,000 now due to me upon certain Indenture of Mortgage between John Flatt and me assigned to my son Edmund ” at the expense of my said son Henry ” . Also I give and bequeath to my servants Nathaniel Smith and John Taylor £19 19s a piece . I give and bequeath to Richard Henry Saffery the grandson of my late brother Richard Saffery £40 provided he attain the age of 24. Also I give and bequeath to Edmund Woodward Mudd , £100 and direct the sum be paid into the hands of his mother and applied by her to the use of my said grandson . Also I give and bequeath unto my niece Anna Saffrey dau of my late brother Richard Saffery 19 guineas . Also I give and bequeath to Richard Newell my Maltster and Thomas Waters my labourer £5 a piece . Also I give and bequeath unto my niece Caroline wife of ……..another dau of my late brother Richard Saffery 19 guineas . Also I give and bequeath to my niece Ann wife of ? Burch formerly Ann Saffrey spinster an annuity or yearly sum of £30. ” not subject to the control of her present or any future husband “. And I direct that my son Henry enter into a Bond with my son Edmund to pay te annuity to the said Ann . Also I give and bequeath to my dau Harriet £200 as a token of my sensibility of her kind care and attention toward me during my long indisposition and diret the same be paid within a month of my decease. And I give and bequeath to my friends Harvey Goodwin the younger of Holme next the sea and Charles Goodwin of King`s Lynn gentleman all such part and parts as is or are freehold or charterhold of and in all that my messuage or dwelling house, Malthouse, barn , stables, outhouses , and buildings of any description Yards , gardens and nut orchard or yard with their each and every appurtenance in Downham Market in my own occupation . And also in all those several pightle or closes of ground lying thereto by the several names of Quakers pightle , the Bull close, and Mites/Miles pightle and also the small piece of land called the Elm yard and the Blacksmiths shop thereto together with the two cottages thereon standing and which are now in the several occupations of myself , ….Rose, Richard Newell, John Brighton, Stephen Poll and Robert Raby . Also in one piece of land called Brickkiln piece with the sheds and buildings thereon with a small piece of land near thereto now also in my use and which close of land was purchased by me of ……Gardiner to hold the freehold part or parts of all the said Messuages , tenements , hereditaments etc to the said Harvey and Charles Goodwin upon Trust that they make sale and dispose of the freehold part and parts either by Public Auction or Private Contract for the best price and most money . And I hereby authorise and direct the said Harvey Goodwin and Charles Goodwin to sell and dispose of the Copyhold part and parts of the said Messuages etc and the monies that arise to be paid into the hands of my son Henry Saffery . Also I give and devise all my messuage etc, not previously disposed of unto my said son Henry Saffery and instruct him with the payment of the sum of £3,000 to my daughter Harriet . Also I give and bequeath unto my dau Harriet the best bedstead and furniture thereof belonging as well as the bolster , blankets, pillows used thereunto and all the other furniture in my sleeping room except the window curtains including the set of drawers usually kept therein although now in another chamber . Also I give and bequeath all my China , table linen, sheets, pillow cases, and linen of every other description as well as my wearing apparel unto and between my four daughters to be divided between them as they shall think proper . And I do declare that I have not on the day and date of this will any debt or debts due to me from any or either of my said children or from any or either of their respective husbands of my said daughters and subject to payment of all above legacies and except the legacy of £3,000 to my said daughter Harriet charged on the real estate charged to my son Henry . I give and bequeath al the rest and remainder of my personal estate to my said son Henry to his absolute use . In witness whereof I Edmund Saffery set my hand and seal . Witnesses Joel Snasdell, , Harvey Goodwin , John Platten . Will Proved London…14 March 1818 , by the oath of Henry Saffery son and sole executor . Note in margin . On 16th May 1845 Administration with the will annexed of the goods and chattels of Edmund Saffery left unadministered by Henry Saffery the son and sole executor of the said will , (since deceased , was granted to Henry Saffery the son of the said Henry Saffery deceased , to administer.

Notes : Edmund son of Edmund and Ann Saffery ( nee Chapman) bapt St Eds , 1734.1737 and 1738 ( two earlier children died ) .


Edmund son of Edmund and Susanna bapt St Eds 1772

Henry son of Edmund and Susanna bapt St Eds 1770

Susannah dau of Edmund and Susanna bapt 1772

Elizabeth dau of Edmund and Susanna bapt 1774

John son of Edmund and Susanna bapt 1773 .

Marr ; Ann Saffery m Woodward Mudd 1813

Elizabeth Saffery m John Barton of Rougham St Eds 1800

Susanna Saffery m John Johnson of Leverington , St Eds 1797

MI: Marble slab forming part of the pathway through the churchyard ( St Eds )

” Sacred to the memory of Edmund Saffery who died 1818 in the 80th year of his age and Susan his wife day of Thory and Elizabeth Chapman , who died 1813 in the 64th year of her age and also John who died aged 36 in 1809 ) . “

(Also , low tomb beside the path , ” the body of John Creasy , upward of 50yrs a `considerable farmer of Fordham` who died Downham 1832 aged 76 and Rebecca his wife , buried 1853 aged 84yrs )

The tomb of Edmund Saffrey in St Edmund’s churchyard is oddly part of the path leading from the left of the porch into the churchyard , so that the visitor must walk on his tomb . His wife Susanna and third son John are also here .



The next will is that of Jonathan Flower , who died in 1842 . He was very much involved in town business and from owning one small plot of land in the 1810 Land Tax Assessment by 1830 he owned seven areas of land and two houses .

Summary of the will of Jonathan Flower

In the name of God Amen , This is the last will and testament of me Jonathan Flower of Downham Market , builder. I give and bequeath unto my servant Sarah Belding the sum of £100 as a mark of my regard for her long service and in case she shall be living with me at the time of my decease , then I direct that in addition to such legacy her wages shall be paid to her up to Michaelmas day then next following . I give and bequeath to my nephew Henry Carter £50 and all my working tools and ironmongery and my case or cases of instruments and all my books on Architecture and Building . Also I give to Jonathan Flower the younger of Feltwell farmer one of my executors the sum of £20 for the purchase of a piece of plate in remembrance of me and as a small acknowledgement for the trouble he may have in the trusts and execution of this my will . Also I give and bequeath unto the Treasurer of the West Norfolk Hospital the sum of £20 for the benefit of the same hospital . I give and bequeath unto each of my grandchildren that shall be living at the time of my death the sum of £200 to be paid when they attain the age of 21 years . As to the rest and residue I give and bequeath to my daughter Mary Ann wife of George Wood of Denver farmer . And I hereby nominate the said George Wood and the said Jonathan Flower my sole executors . Also I give and devise unto the said Sarah Belding all that freehold cottage with the garden and appurtenances thereto belonging and which said cottage was lately erected by me upon part of the lands now in my own possession formerly the estate of …..Saffery and which lands are hereinafter mentioned and described and are devised in trust for my grandson George Wood to hold the same property unto her the said Sarah Belding for and during her natural life . I give and devise unto my son in law George Wood and Jonathan Flower the younger my copyhold dwelling house in DM together with the yard garden workshops stables outbuildings and appurtenances now in my own occupation and also the copyhold messuage or dwelling house thereto adjoining now in the tenure or occupation of Mr Thomas Wales surgeon which said dwelling house and premises were formerly the estate of Mr Clark ….and also those several pieces of parcels of land with the barn , stables and other outbuildings therein situate in DM abutting on and adjoining the premises of Mr Hacon east and west and now in my own occupation formerly the estate of Mr Saffery ……as to for and concerning all that my freehold messuage and dwelling house with yard, garden , stables and outbuildings situate in Bexwell Road late in the occupation of Mr George Platten and afterwards of Mr Edward Hett and now of Mrs Creasy and also all that piece or parcel of land situate in a certain lane called Rabbit Lane now in my occupation and formerly of Mr Lemmon and also the piece or parcel of land situate in Long Drove now in my occupation and formerly the estate of Mr Thomas Beeston , and as for and concerning all that piece or parcel of freehold land containing two acres or thereabouts with the messuage or dwelling house and outbuildings erected thereon situate and adjoining the Howdale now in the several occupations of John Poll and John Barrett which I lately purchased of Henry Scott and as for and concerning my messuage and dwelling house now a public house together with the Brewing Office stables , yards , gardens , outbuildings situate near the Steam Engine on the road leading to the Great Bridge in DM late in the occupation of Mr Edward Meadows and now of David Johnson together with the new built house and Granary lately erected on part of the garden formerly belonging to the said public house which are now unoccupied but which are let to Mr George Ward and also one acre situate in Bartons Drove purchased by me from Gregory Wrights trustees ….and as for those several freehold messuages or cottages and plantation situate in Paradise Lane formerly the estate of Mr Creasy and afterwards of Mr Rawlings ……and as for all those several messuages or dwelling houses with the Baking office , yards , gardens situate in the Denver Road now in the occupation of Messrs Poll and the Misses Horsley and formerly the estate of Mr Munro ………

Will dated 18th October 1839 witnesses Jonathan Flower , Feltwell, farmer , Thomas Garneys Wales, surgeon , Edwd Flower, 59 Lincolns Inn , gent. Proved May 1842 by the oaths of George Wood and Jonathan Flower the executors .

Sarah Balding dau of William and Lettice , miller, bapt 1813 St Edmunds.

Jonathan Flower married Mary Hearsine at Horringer, Suffolk, in 1795 and their daughter Mary Ann was born in 1796. She appears to be the only child and married George Wood , farmer of Denver . An Obituary in the Bury and Norwich Post of Wednesday 22nd Dec 1819 , ” Last week after a few days illness , in the 50th year of her age Mrs Mary Flower, wife of Mr Jonathan Flower of Downham Market , carpenter. By her death her family have to lament the loss of an affectionate and indulgent wife and parent , her neighbours a kind and valuable friend , and the poor a liberal benefactress . “

NRO MC 188/22 , 647 x 5 1838-1840 refers to a Sale Particular of estates ” above 2,000 acres in Hockwold , Feltwell and Lakenheath , purchased by Jonathan Flower for £38,000 , memo 17th Oct 1840. “

In the 1841 census Jonathan Flower is living in the High St , with Sarah Belding , 35, and his two grandsons George and Thomas Wood .

Summary of the will of Thomas Batchcroft dated 1660 and proved in London 1662 PROB 11/310.


In the name of God Amen , I Thomas Batchcroft doctor of divinity , Master and Keeper of Gonville and Caius College in the University of Cambridge being in reasonable health of body and well disposed in mind ( all praise unto the Lord) do make this my last will and testament my former wills and testaments being cancelled . First I yield up my soul into the hands of my Creator and Redeemer and my body to be decently buried in the evening at the discretion of my executors in the church of Wangford in the county of Suffolk . Looking assuredly by a true and lively faith in Christ Jesus my alone Saviour to be found at the general resurrection amongst the number of those that shall stand a Christ Jesus right hand and hear him pronounce the last sentence come ye blessed of my father inherit the kingdom prepared for you from the foundation of the world for I was anhungered and ye gave me meate I was thirsty and ye gave me drinke and secondlie concerning the disposing of my temporal estate which the Lord hath given me , I order if thus . First I give one hundred pounds to purchase five pounds per annum in Land for ever for the use of the poor of Downham Market in the county of Norfolk to be distributed amongst them to buy victualls to nourish them , clothes to cover them or fireing to warm them and one of these to be done yearly for ever for the better performing of which gift I request Mr Thetford Minister of the town , William Parlett esq Counsellor and William Life the elder mercer inhabitants thereof to take the paines to perform my will in this point .and after any of their deaths and removals elsewhere I request the next minister of that town and two of the chiefest inhabitants thereof to perform that office year after year for the use and benefit of the poor …………Item I give to my three nieces Mrs Anne Wright, Mrs Elizabeth Jenney , Mrs Alice Barber and their heirs all my messuages houses and lands lying in Downham Market and thereabouts in the county of Norfolk with the ……..and fold course of four hundred sheep and all the appurtenances of … Elizabeth Jenney now Elizabeth Cobb wife of Francis Cobb of Yarmouth merchant .

Dated 1660 proved London 1662.

This following photograph was taken by and is copyright of John Salmon to whom grateful thanks .


This blackboard is in the vestry of St Edmund`s Church in Downham. And rarely seen .

And below is the first page of the copy will in the National Archives .



I William Say of Downham Market, esq .  First I appoint my brother the Rev Henry Say of Swaffham, clerk , my executor .  I bequeath all my personal and real estate to my brother ( mentions all my messuages in Crimplesham, West Dereham , Stow Bardolph , Wimbotsham ) .    .  I bequeath £200 to my niece Elizabeth Say daughter of my late brother Robert Say , and an £80 annuity to my housekeeper Ann Terrington .     Will dated 16th May 1836 , witnesses T H Say , Jas Jarvis, Ebzr Hewitt.  Proved by Henry Say 15 May 1841 .

William Say is first mentioned in the Saunders News Letter of 8th March 1786 when he is appointed Ensign in the 31st or Huntingdonshire regiment of foot .   His next appointment is in Oct 1795 when he is promoted from Captain to Major in the 69th regiment .  and further in November 1795 he is transferred as Major to the 99th regiment .   His final mention is as a half pay Major substantive Colonel still in the 99th regiment in 1826 when he retired .   During the Napoleonic wars , he was in the West Indies with his regiment .

William , Henry and Robert Say were the children of William Say and Elizabeth Bell ( of Wallington) who married at Runcton Holme in 1765 . Henry was the survivor of the three and lived to be in his mid 80s still as Rector of North Pickenham .  He appears to have been a childless widower.



The above William and Hannah Say , are lying under the table at the back of the church  . She was Hannah Ives and they were married in Watton in 1721 .    The Colonel is probably in the church somewhere . The boy William Say who died aged 13?15. is just inside the door of the church.

On the floor of the church between Mr William Say , above, is the ledger of Ann wife of Cornelius Carr, junr