Downham Cavalry 1818

(W Wayman , 1890. Mr Howes , no 23 . First Sergant and Line Marker ) .

“Copy of the Articles of Enrolment, and the Rules and Regulations of the Downham Cavalry, composed of Gentlemen and Yeomen in the Hundred and Half of Clackclose, in the county of Norfolk .
Downham , Printed by Robert Thorogood, jun.

Articles of Enrolment .

We whose Names are subscribed unto the Enrolment , in pursuance of an Act of Parliament for the encouragement and disciplining of such Corps or Companies of Men as shall voluntarily enrol themselves for the defence of their Town and Coasts, or for the general defence of the Kingdom , to form a Corps or Cavalry , to be called the Downham Cavalry , do voluntarily enrol ourselves for the internal defence and Security of the Kingdom, on the following conditions :-

To attend mounted on a serviceable Mare or Gelding, to be approved by the Commanding Officer of the Troop.

To be liable to be called upon by order from His Majesty , or by the Lord Lieutenant , or by three Deputy Lieutenants commissioned to act in his absence , or by the Sheriff of the County , for the suppression of Riots, and Tumults within this or the adjoining Counties .

In all cases when embodied and called out as above , to receive pay as Light Dragoons , and to be subject to Military Discipline as the rest of his Majesty`s Regular and Militia Troops .

At a meeting of the Downham Cavalry , held at the Crown Inn , in Downham Market, On Wednesday , the 17th day of June , 1818, the following Rules and Regulations , in Support of the Credit , Honor , and due discipline of the Corps , where agreed to , viz –

To appear on each Day of Muster or Exercise , with Uniform, Arms, Accoutrements and Horse , neat and properly appointed to the satisfaction of the Commanding Officer , and in default , to be subject to such Forfeiture as one Officer and four Privates of the Corps , chosen by lot , shall adjudge .

To appear on each Day of Muster or Exercise on the Ground, and at the time appointed by the Commanding Officer , and in default to forfeit for each Day`s total non-attendance , the sum of Ten Shillings and Sixpence : and for each Hour , or portion of an Hour of tardy appearance , to be computed from the time of roll-call , the sum of Two Shillings and Sixpence.

That the Uniform, Arms, Accoutrements , etc, shall only be used or worn when on Duty , or when directed by the Commanding Officer , under the forfeit of Ten Shillings and Sixpence for every such offence .

That anyone not attending Service , pursuant to the second Article of Enrolment, shall forfeit the sum of Fifty Pounds ,and if anyone persists in non-attendance , he shall also be subject to such sentence of public disapprobation as five of the Corps , appointed as aforesaid , shall adjudge .

That Sickness or Infirmity , attested by the Medical Attendant , shall be a sufficient excuse for non-attendance . Sickness or lameness or Horse be no excuse , unless certified by the Farrier .

That anyone attending Duty in a state of Intoxication , shall be liable to a forfeiture of Ten Shillings and Sixpence for each offence.

All Arms , Accoutrements , etc, to be delivered up to the Captain of the Troop, or such Person or Persons as shall, under his Majesty`s authority , be commissioned to receive them .

Persons desirous of furnishing a Substitute to make up the complement of any Troop , may do so on condition that he be a Man of good character , and be approved of by a majority of those Persons who compose the Troop in which he is to serve .

The Substitutes to be equipped and mounted in the same manner as those who serve for themselves .

Whereas several Gentlemen who offer their personal services may be desirous of rendering further assistance towards the formation of the Corps , by furnishing Men and Horses to make up the complement of any Troop ; Persons so brought forward and furnished with Horses , may be accepted on the same condition as the Substitutes above-mentioned .

That any offence against order , good behaviour and decorum when in uniform , not particularly specified in the foregoing Rules , shall be submitted to the decision of five of the Corps , appointed as aforesaid , who shall adjudge the forfeiture or other sentence .

In order to secure a better attendance on which the Dicipline and Credit of the Corps so essentially depends, it is agreed , that in every case where Business shall be the excuse , ( as far as delicacy will admit ) the Member shall disclose the nature of it , in order that a discovery may be made as to its particular urgency – And visits of Pleasure shall in every case be inadmissible to excuse any Person . As a preliminary to taking into consideration the case of every Member who shall be reported to have been absent on any particular Day , an enquiry shall first be instituted to ascertain whether the Person has complied with the Ruled before-mentioned : in the case of neglect the Persons shall be finable , and pay on proof of it for each Day`s non-attendance Ten Shillings and Sixpence , without any appeal to the Corps ; and if it appears that the Person has complied with them , then the case shall be submitted to the Corps , and a majority of the Members present shall determine whether the Person is fineable or not .

That all forfeitures shall be immediately paid into the hands of the Quarter-Master , for the use and general expenses of the Corps .
That the Articles and Agreements to be Printed , and a Copy thereof delivered to every Member of the Corps .


Thorogood , Printer.

( Annotated Wm Say , esq , Captain Lieutenant John Barsham , esq, Cornet John Long , Team?town? Hazard Aungier , Sergant Major Ten in the band .